Firearm Privileges Restored by Certificate of Rehabilitation

God, Football and Hunting are some of the core values of Mississippians. Hunting is not only a sport in this state but it is where family traditions are founded and memories established.  

Are your mistakes from the past preventing you from having such memories and traditions? In Mississippi, if you have been convicted of a felony in any state, you are prohibited from possessing a firearm for any reason.  This means no more shivering mornings in the tree stand patiently waiting for the buck, no more gazing at the sky waiting for the doves to swoop in and most importantly no more family past times that involve hunting.

This could all change with a phone call to our office. Pursuant to Mississippi Code Annotated Section 97-37-5, one is able to petition the court for a certificate of rehabilitation if you have been convicted of a felony. If approved by the court for a certificate of rehabilitation, this would allow you to restore all of your firearm privileges.  The court may grant such certificate of rehabilitation upon three simple requirements:

  1. The applicant has been fully rehabilitated, 
  2. The applicant is living and has led a productive and law-abiding life since the completion of his sentence  and
  3. Lastly, the applicant will not likely act in a manner dangerous to public safety.  

Gun season is right around the corner for Deer season. Do not miss your opportunity to kill that 8 point buck, contact our office at 601-845-5050 for a consultation to see if you qualify for a certificate of rehabilitation to restore your firearm privileges.